This Ain’t No Disco ‘Live’

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We are pleased to announce This Ain’t No Disco will be returning for Season II, beginning New Years Day 2020, but first we need your help. Next month, on the 26th of September we’ll be hosting a fundraiser in D-Light Studios, Dublin. This Ain’t No Disco Live, will be hosted by Donal Dineen, who will be curating an evening of live performances from Anna Mieke, Junior Brother, Emmet Kirwan and John Francis Flynn.

If you would like to help our cause but can not attend the fundraiser, consider becoming a Patron of This Ain’t No Disco and subscribing to our Patreon page where we ask you to donate a set amount per episode, per season, with four episodes per season every 2-3 years.

Announcing the ‘This Ain’t No Disco Live’ event, Director Myles O’Reilly commented:

“After a recent funding rejection, we made a renewed push to look to our viewers for support via the crowd funding platform Patreon. The reactions were tremendous and the feelings of love out there for our efforts, palpable. Not only has it given us great hope, but we genuinely feel that cutting out the middle person, and sustaining our efforts solely through the goodwill and generosity of our audiences is an entirely natural and beautiful circumstance, made possible by the freedom of the internet. In my opinion, subscription based crowd funding platforms like Patreon that support independent content creators like ourselves, is the future of independent broadcasting.”

“With your help, similar to our first season, we hope to create four new episodes and release them in Winter, Spring, Summer, and Autumn. A two-year hiatus has been just long enough for many new acts to have emerged from Irish soil with new, unique and exhilarating sounds, across all genres. We hope to cast a lens on as many as possible, in locations East, West, North, and South of this island. The backbone of each episode will feature Donal bringing together inimitable creative forces to discuss and collaborate in cultivating a sound that’s completely new and entirely true, to our present day, to our people and to our culture.”

A very big thank you to D-Light Studios, official supporters of This Ain’t No Disco Live!

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